About Sajocah

Children stay at Sajocah for up to 10 weeks after surgery.

Sajocah is a rehabilitation center in Mambu, Bafut, Cameroon that serves people, primarily children, with disabilities. Established and run by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, Sajocah–which stands for St. Joseph’s Children and Adult Home–offers temporary housing for patients and their caregivers, patient assessment, intensive physical therapy, classes for the blind, job and skills training, and more.

Volunteer surgeons and Sajocah staff assess patients every six months after surgery.

Custom made braces and a walker help this young man learn to walk upright.

Surgery, special shoes and braces,  intense physical therapy give many patients to ability to walk upright for the first time.

But the heart of Sajocah’s work is the surgical care we facilitate. Twice a year, a dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons from Holland come to Cameroon to operate on the legs and feet of children who have been disabled through birth defects, injuries, or illness. These volunteer doctors give children the ability to walk, run, work, and lead normal lives. The Sajocah staff take it from there.

Sr. Victorine works with a doctor for patient intake

Sajocah works with patients and their caregivers year round, doing physical therapy, supporting caregivers through training, and much more.

In this blog, you’ll be kept up to date on Sajocah’s work, existing and new projects, and special needs.

A father prepares to take his daughter home after her six month post-op check up.

We want your ideas

As a non-profit organization, we are funded by donations, grants, gifts, and the small amount the patients can pay. We would love to hear any comments or suggestions you have for Sajocah.

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser or partnership, or know of a foundation or benefactor who might be interested in our work? Are there ways you can think of to make our work more public?

Don’t hesitate to let us know. You can post on the blog or email Sr. Prisca in Cameroon at pristabo@gmail.com,or Jill Newton Moore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at jill.moore@alverno.edu.

More about Sajocah

  • To meet the staff, the surgeons, and the patients, click to those pages.
  • To see before and after photos of the kids, link to that page.
  • To see other photos of Sajocah, go to the photo gallery.

A girl demonstrates her crutches. She has no bones beneath the knee of her right leg.

Sr. Petra observes a childs gait and mobility. The left foot still turns out, so he may need a second operation.

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